Manage Inventory & Prices, Build Quotes, Send Invoices & Track Payments

Keep track of inventory, customers, and suppliers in one easy-to-use platform

TargetCRM offers inventory management that will help you keep track of your products and services. 

you can easily keep track of all your prices in one place

In TargetCRM manage  price book for different customers. It allows you to segment your prices for different customers and target them with specific promotions. 

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CRM integration offers an expansive array of benefits for business growth. Integration can increase organizational productivity and efficiency by bringing together all data and processes into a single place and platform

Frequently Asked Questions

At the heart of a CRM solution is something called “sales force automation” (SFA). SFA combined with CRM automates some sales functions, so you can accelerate and streamline the sales process. For instance, instead of being mired down in yellow sticky note reminders or buried in spreadsheets and Google Docs, you can move leads through your sales team quickly and easily, as a team.
Yes. If you have customers, you can benefit from CRM. Even if your customer base is small, no one can keep every interaction — ones that have already happened, or need to happen — memorized and organized. It’s a powerful business tool that streamlines processes, gives valuable business insights, and virtually connects employees at your company so they can collaborate as a team, in real-time. That’s something businesses of any size can use.

With solutions that range form self-help pages (that allow agents to focus on the tough cases), to full call centers, CRM brings immense value to customer service teams. Your service reps can also use it to generate service tickets and keep track of all your customers’ contact with your service department. And, because the entire system is connected, account reps and every other relevant department will be fully aware of customers’ issues, so everyone can be a service agent when you need them to be.

Insights about customer service issues can be shared and added to a knowledge base so that agents can help customers even faster. In addition to shortening case resolution time, this kind of connected service also makes agents happier. It all comes down to giving them the tools to do more for customers — which in turn drives customer loyalty and referrals.